Can a muslima marry a nonmuslim man of the scriptures?

by Rashid ⌂ @, Thursday, May 31, 2012, 11:44 (2552 days ago) @ Hicham Mouna

My take on this issue and as I understand:-
- God knows what people of the book believe in and yet calls them ‘people of the Book’. He knows what is in their heart. He is the only judge of that.
- Muslims too are ‘people of the Book’. Quran is a Book, with the same message in it that was given to all the previous Messengers, some named and some not named, and were sent to every nation on earth. So there must have been many messengers other than Bani Israils’.(Musnad gives a figure of 124000!?)
- Iman and decision to marry are BOTH self-conscious decisions to be made by baligh- ‘fully mature’- persons and independently.
- There is no compulsion in Deen and to convert including to the spouses “religion” otherwise it is a form of compulsion’, hence a no no.
- Family name of a father or mother has no bearing on mature persons’ Iman.
- As marriage is a contract of understanding and agreed commitments by both, the decision must, in its entirety remain the couple’s responsibility.
Therefore in ideal situation the decision rests with the couple to think it through as grown up mature people.

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