How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Quasim Hamdani, Chicago, Thursday, May 31, 2012, 22:12 (2551 days ago) @ Ilyas Niazi

If Imaan (belief) is a state of mind where you:

Then this imaan must result in actions. When we emotionally internalize and accept these beliefs, we are propelled the act on these. So Allah in his infinite mercy gave us the Quran and asked us to read it repeatedly. The amazing thing about repetition is that while the written word does not change, the reader changes with every repetition. The Quran in turn gives us four structured functions through which to channel our imaan:

Salaat is a fundamental function where groups of people come together to discuss, plan, and execute the commandments in the Quran as necessitated by the conditions of their respective environments. As with all gatherings, people are asked to exercise proper hygiene (wadu) before joining the congregation, the congregation prays to Allah for wisdom and patience (sabir), relevant verses of the Quran are recited, and then the actual issues, conditions are described, solutions are discussed, assignments are made, and then the congregation disperses.

Zakaat is based on the Quranic principals that all humans are created equal and each of us is endowed with amazing potential and capabilities. Zakaat establishes a system where each human is allowed to actualize his/her full potential. This involves establishing enablers like economic policies, education programs, research programs, and business incubators.

Saum is abstaining, as individuals and communities, from the behaviors and habits that are undesirable. This requires a fair amount introspection and honesty. We are asked to establish new behaviors by stopping, abstaining from, the old behaviors. All of this is done while we re-read the Quran to commemorate the revelation of the Quran in the month of Ramadhan. Again, by repeatedly abstaining from undesirable behaviors and replacing them with other desirable behaviors all day long for 30 days will turn you into a different person altogether.

Hajj is the 'global salaat.' Humanity from all corners of the world assembles in Makkah to discuss, plan, and execute the commandments of the Quran at a global scale.

Obviously I am presenting my understanding of what should be.

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