How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Quasim Hamdani, Chicago, Saturday, June 02, 2012, 02:59 (2571 days ago) @ Ilyas Niazi

By the time the Quran was revealed, both Torat and Injeel had been corrupted. You reference a very appropriate verse 5:48 that asks the prophet and by extension, the believers, to judge previous revelations by the Quran.

5:48 (O Messenger) We have sent to you this Divine Writ, setting forth the truth. It confirms the remaining truth in the earlier scriptures since it is a Watcher over them. So, judge between them by what God has revealed, and do not follow their desires diverging from the truth that has come to you. For each community among you We have appointed certain rites and a traced-out way. If God had willed, He could have made you all one single community. But He decided to let you test yourselves by what (potentials) He has granted you. So, outdo one another in doing good to the society. To God you will all return, and He will then make you understand wherein you differed. [2:101, 2:148, 3:78, 21:92-93, 23:52. Muhaimin = Watcher. Shari ́ah = Rites = Usual, diverse trends of a community. Minhaaj = A traced-out way = A set of laws]

I still think that the Salaat practiced for the previous generations is closely related to the Salaat described in the Quran. See verse 10:87.

10:87 We revealed to Moses and his brother, “Tell your people: Maintain your homes in Egypt, and turn them into centers of devotion and training (qiblah). Establish the commandments (salaat) in your lives and give good news to the believers.”

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