How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Ilyas Niazi, United States, Saturday, June 02, 2012, 03:22 (2549 days ago) @ Waqas

Dear Waqas.

Sir, I asked a simple question.... you have given me three links with pages and pages of information to answer this question? this is not a way to answer a simple question for a simple man like me, please.

please can you explain to me simply if Salaat = bond with God and his system, then:

Why do we have to break the bond in 62:10?

Please give me a simple answer on this forum to help me, my family and other people who may have similar question to understand.

To what you said in your second response to whistling and clapping, why would the mushrikeen be making group treaties or public pledges when in the previous verse (8:34) it says they stopped people from the sacred house? So WHO are they making bonds / treaties / public pledges with at the HOUSE? How can they make these treaties and bonds with themselves? Pls. explain.


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