How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by amirabbas, Iran, Sunday, June 03, 2012, 11:03 (2578 days ago) @ Ilyas Niazi


Sir, with due respects, i think you are complicating the simple Qur'anic messages.

5:101 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not ask unnecessary details of things (as the Israelites asked of Moses about the cow 2:68.) This attitude may bring unpleasant consequences for you. But if you ask them as the Qur’an is being revealed, the minor details of Ordinances might be given which will be hard for you to follow. God has pardoned you in this respect, for God is Forgiving, Clement.

Allah never wants us to Stop/Finish/Disconnect/Break our Salaat or bound. He, in His infinite wisdom, knows that we have other things to do- bearing children, studying, works and jobs, helping other people and etc. The Qur'an is enforcing and encouraging the Governments (and Governments through local offices and officials) to regularly gather people together to discuss the sublime Qur'anic messages on specific days/times and then after finishing the congregation, it is obvious that everyone needs to go on to their own commune or private lives.

We need to keep in mind that the Qur'an is for all times. So, when the practice of NAMAZ is finally forgotten, the Sublime Qur'anic message will always remain the same and SALAAT with be discussed and established. Allah knows our limits and potentials and leaves it to us to devise ways and programs to establish Salaat.

The emphasis in not on gathering together doing NAMAZ, like nowadays so-called Muslims do. It is important that everyone should come to congregations and discuss the matters. And i think the form of Salaat in open to change over time. For instance, this forum is a form of Salaat. With new technologies and situations will come other ways of Establishment of Salaat.

In the verses 62:9 to 62:11 the emphasis is on following the Qur'an: Say, “What is with God is better than all entertainment and all bargain. God is the Best of providers.”

And of course, what bounty is there on this planet, that we must seek it, better than the Qur'an and its sublime message?

10:57 O Mankind! There has now come to you Enlightenment from your Sustainer, and a healing for everything that troubles your hearts, and guidance, and grace to all who embrace it.
10:58 Say, “In this bounty of God and in His grace – in this, then, let them rejoice. It is better than all the treasures that they may amass.

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