How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Ilyas Niazi, United States, Sunday, June 03, 2012, 14:26 (2569 days ago) @ amirabbas

Brother Abbas.

When I used to ask maulvi's from N2I Islam and they couldn't answer logically to me their claims - - they used to quote me the verse you quoted me - 5:101. You have done exactly the same thing.

What about 17:36, where Allah asks us to use our brains and minds and hearts? What about verse where God asks us to demand evidence? - Bring your proof 21:24 - or 27:64???

What is the point of having these forums when we can't get simple response to logical problems, then we quote the verse you said - 5:101???

Shall we follow blindly? Shall we leave N2I Islam and follow blindly another Islam? From one blindness to another? What is the point of having this forum? What is the point of having any forum? An important question that cannot be answered is to another person unecessary because they can't answer it?

Also - please read the verse you said carefully - 5:101. It say 'until the Quran is completed'. It was to stop mushriks asking questions when the Quran was being revealed as things would be explained in time. Also if they asked during the Quran, small and small details would have to be revealed and this would make the deen difficult to follow. How can you apply this today? The Quran is complete today. If you do then it will conflict with 17:36.

Quasim sir said in one thread salaat=follow quran, then the groups that execute commandments of the Quran. So if salaat is this, then how God say 'when salaat is finished'? (62:9). Why is everyone running away from this simple problem??? Waqas sir, gave a different definition understanding the problem with this definition and said 'bond'. But this definition also has problem which I raised.

Then Quasim said "By the time the Quran was revealed, both Torat and Injeel had been corrupted". There is also a problem with this statement as the Quran tells the Jews and Christians to go to their books for judgment at the time of the Prophet (5:43, 5:68). So this statement also cannot be correct.

Now you tell me - when I want to understand salaat better, and the defitions that are being given on this forum cannot be logically explained, shall we not challenge them, or shut our eyes like N2I?

Please think about this. Correct salaat is important matter. Very important. People may be comfortable sleeping even though their definition cannot be logically explained. I can't.

So can you please explain to me - in your definition simply - what is salaat?

I mean only respect like you as you only mean respect to me.


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