How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Quasim Hamdani, Chicago, Sunday, June 03, 2012, 15:45 (2548 days ago) @ Ilyas Niazi

I will again focus on two comments from your post.

Comment 1: "Quasim sir said in one thread salaat=follow quran, then the groups that execute commandments of the Quran. So if salaat is this, then how God say 'when salaat is finished'? (62:9). Why is everyone running away from this simple problem??? Waqas sir, gave a different definition understanding the problem with this definition and said 'bond'. But this definition also has problem which I raised."

I think that you are getting hung up on this word: qudiyati. This word has these meanings: "to finish entirely by word/deed, decreed/ordained/pronounced/decide judicially, pass a sentence, create, bring to an end, attained/obtained/accomplished/satisfied, execute, settle, discharge, to make known, reveal."

Sahih translates 62:10 as "And when the prayer has been concluded..."

QXP translates 62:10 as "And when the commands have been understood..."

In both of these examples the use of qudiyati is conditional and is tied to specific activities of Salaat. Every activity has a start and an end. Nowhere in 62:10 it is suggested to end Salaat for good. Salaat has two stages:

I do not see where 62:10 is advocating ending Salaat.

Comment 2: "Then Quasim said "By the time the Quran was revealed, both Torat and Injeel had been corrupted". There is also a problem with this statement as the Quran tells the Jews and Christians to go to their books for judgment at the time of the Prophet (5:43, 5:68). So this statement also cannot be correct."

I read both 5:43 and 5:68 as a challenge to Jews and Christians and Allah is giving the prophet guidance to confront the Jews and Christians who are challenging the Quran. There is no indication in the Quran that both Torah and Injeel are at par with the Quran.

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