How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by Ilyas Niazi, United States, Monday, June 04, 2012, 13:22 (2546 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani

Dear Laurie,

I think your post is unnecessary and patronizing apart from the good question at the end. First - mm I not taking long time to consier and respond? If you don't want me to ask questions here I will leave. Just tell me to leave.

But brushing of criticism from outside doesn't make your theory correct. I am challenging people's understanding and they are not bringing me logical responses.

It is no surprise to me that you will defend the postion on this forum, no surpise at all - but please let us stick to the debate with respect. Yes, you are correct that people have been very respectful so far and I have not said they have not. May Allah reward them for that.

You ask me my understanding of salaat. At the moment in my research, the best understanding is the one that fits all the verses and the one with most 'fit' is the traditional understanding. So there - you have my answer.

But if I am to adopt a NEW understanding, I need to know it is better than the one I have always believed. That is why we are having this discussion and I am so active on this debate. I WANT TO KNOW that the concept people here are correct. At the moment it failing strongly.

Now please let me ask you a question. You said:

"However, one must keep an open mind when presented with information which is different or perhaps at odds with one’s current understanding"

I say the same to you. Also - mean never to 'chastise'. Actually when did I 'chastise' someone. If you show me evidence, I will change and be more careful.


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