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by Sajid @, Tuesday, June 05, 2012, 06:54 (2545 days ago)

When did it happen, and who was the first person(s)to point out that Salaat was not Nimaaz but rather it's a social gathering meant only for discussing issues faced by Momineen? Is it only a century or two old affair or could it be traced back to the earliest periods of Islam? Any references from medieval sources?

In several threads on Ourbeacon and here it was pointed out that Ahmed bin Hanbal was punished for opposing Salaat as the ritual Nimaaz and that he was punished by the Abbasids for the opposition but what is the basis for this claim, I happened to read several Hadiths from Musnad Ahmed and they didn't suggest what was being claimed here, In fact the Musnad talked of Salaat as the same thing as the ritual we know to be Nimaaz?

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