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by Quasim Hamdani, Chicago, Tuesday, June 05, 2012, 15:54 (2547 days ago) @ Sajid

As you can see from the various discussions on Salaat on this forum and others, the word Salaat has many shades in its meanings depending on the context of the verse.

The issue with the secondary sources of Islam, including the man-made hadith, is that they generally treat Salaat as just meaning prayer. The dumbing down of this fundamental word in the Quran by these secondary sources is what creates the contentious debates.

In the Quran, Salaat is used when referring to gatherings, there is timing of Salaat, there is cleanliness injunctions for Salaat, Salaat is also used together with Zakaat, Salaat is used with Tasbeeh, and many other such uses of Salaat.

The practice of Namaaz does not even begin the implement the true essence of Salaat. This is because the more people read the Quran the less they are going to be satisfied, intellectually and spiritually, with Namaz. Human actions that do not produce goodness for the humanity are wasted efforts.

We encourage people to bring their scholarship to this debate on his forum.

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