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by Ms Rashid, Atlanta, US, Tuesday, June 05, 2012, 20:51 (2576 days ago) @ Quasim Hamdani

aslamaolaikum bhaijan - sometimes a part of 'human action's can just be to worship Allah, so I don't agree with your quote ""Human actions that do not produce goodness for the humanity are wasted efforts""

also you say: "This is because the more people read the Quran the less they are going to be satisfied, intellectually and spiritually"

how can you speak for people like me or anyone other than you? I read my namaz in my language, I connect with Allah and I feel spiritual. I also ready al-quran and I reject hadithes. I don't think it is a wasted effort to praise Allah certain times of the day so that I can worship him. Do you have a problem with worshipping Allah? it seems so. Your reason behind rejecting the concept of 'Namaz' as a connection with Allah certain times of the day is weak in my opinion.
Even if there was no injeel, tawrat, quran, inside I just know it is right to worship one God one - Allah. I don't need scriptures to tell me that. When I have realized He is there, I want to bow to him, I want to prostrate to Him. This desire is inside all of us unless someone is arrogant in my opinion. However, the Quran just happens to confirm it unless you put different meanings to words which no one has used before and no arab speaking person understands.

I think Sajid bhai has asked a good question and I look forward to see if someone can show some evidence. thank you very much aslamaolaikum wrb

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