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by Hicham Mouna, Denmark, Wednesday, June 06, 2012, 12:08 (2540 days ago) @ Ms Rashid


Dear sister.

No one is questioning yours or others, whom perform namaz, faith or belief in Allah.

You quoted brother Quasim in saying
This is because the more people read the Quran the less they are going to be satisfied, intellectually and spiritually
But you must understand that it is linked to
Human actions that do not produce goodness for the humanity are wasted efforts.

Namaz may, as you say, fulfill you spiritually, but it does not, as far as i can read from your post(this may not be the case, but i do not know you aside from what you say in your post) touch or spark your intellect and understanding of the Quran.

You are content with how namaz works for you. And i think, i cannot speak for anyone else but me, but i can imagine, that everyone here respects that.

But i think that brother Quasim was speaking of the bigger underlying message which the Quran gives. Which in sense is that every effort you make must be for the greater good of humanity, including yourself. In this way one will be satisfied both spiritually, individually and intellectually to Allah.

Namaz does not fulfill this criteria, having 1 million(naturally more) muslims perform psychical prayers have helped no one but the individuals. Human actions that do not produce goodness for the humanity are wasted efforts for the community in the sense of Salaat and how some of us in here understands this particular word.

I don't think anyone in here questions any muslims belief in Allah and how close or unclose they may feel to Allah.

What is being discussed is how we "choose" to show ourselves as muslims, and through this we must first understand the Quran.

Best regards

- a novice in the long road of learning

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