How can Salat be finished - 62:10??

by jawaid ahmed @, Birmingham, uk, Thursday, June 07, 2012, 16:56 (2543 days ago) @ Ilyas Niazi

A few simple questions about your understanding:-
If Salat means namaz and the rituals that go with it and this is what Allah wants us to do and understand it as such, why did He fail to put the form of it in the Quran?
If the number of prostrations are important, the words to be said, the head turning etc etc, then why are they not there in a simple a,b,c, verse so that we know what to do and when to do it, in the same way He has put the cleansing prior to going to communal salat?
If salat is namaz then how do birds in the air do their salat? [you know the verses]

Those who do rituals that are not in the Quran are failing to lead their lives according to it and are failing to judge by it. If you cannot understand what salat is then in order to maintain your default, ritualised namaz understanding, you need to provide verses of the Quran that support this, otherwise your position is much weaker that those of us who are trying to understand the Quran from the Quran, not our ancestors and the rituals they have passed down to us [1billion Hindus have just as much claim to authenticity as the majority muslims who follow the crowd].

The word salat does not have multiple meanings but different derivatives of the root give various forms to it that are based on “closely following something”. In my understanding we humans need to closely follow the Quran, implement in every aspect of our lives from home to council chambers.

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