Bless Muhammad(S)! Today ? /Durood?

by Zuhaib Sabri, India, Monday, June 11, 2012, 06:27 (2562 days ago)

Salamun Alaikum

Dear Reader

This is regarding sending Blessings to Beloved Messenger.

[ Note : You can save time by simply giving me a link or name of book where I can understand the terms Sawaab, Dua and Durood comprehensively. ]

Verily, Allah and His angels bless the Messenger and support his Mission (33:43). O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Bless him and give yourself up to him and his Mission in total submission. (4:65), (7:157).

Many a times I have been told that this is regarding Durood, a word I could not find in Quran. Since it is backed by Hadees only, I take it as another interpolation.

Blessing Muhammad(S), to me, makes sense only when Muhammad(S) was alive. Why?

--33:43 implies the act/process of Bless to be continuous, which, if we assume Angels to mean Forces of Nature, can only happen when Muhammad(S) was alive.
This, because once a human dies, apart from disintegrating the body, Forces hardly do anything that could be called as Blessing.

--If we assume the criterion of being blessed after death (before Judgement Day) to be the Nobility, piousness, character etc of Muhammad(S), then this will also be used to support the notion of Sending Sawaab to other dead people.

Please excuse me. These are shackles that create in a child's brain when he lives (almost entire childhood) around Dar-Ul-Uloom, Deoband. (A place where "Maulana" Sahebaan give classes to the unseen Jin :)

Thank you

Zuhaib Sabri

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