Is Namaaz Salaat?

by Hicham Mouna, Denmark, Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 18:52 (2534 days ago) @ Ms Rashid


Ms. Rashid.

You yourself said:

"if a particular way is not prescribed, it does not mean you have NO DUTY to pray"

Is it not fair then that i ask what is "praying"?

You yourself have showed that Parwez Sahib has said: "a part of the salat can ALSO mean prayer - THE RITUAL, it has form and time has to be fixed."

And you said: We cannot change what he said and I agree with Parwez Sahib totally.

Is it then not fair that i ask: What is praying according to the Quran?

I don't find it irrelevant or not a question at all since you are the one arguementing for us as having a duty to pray even though it is not fixed or done in any certain way.

Then was is "praying" according to the Qu'ran?

Best regards

- a novice in the long road of learning

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