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by Sajid @, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 07:56 (2559 days ago) @ Rashid

I didn't get to reply earlier, so accept my apologies for that. My questions has still not been answered, as much I want Salaat to mean what most members on this forum think it means (i.e its non-ritualistic definition) I still can't convince myself that the whole of Islamic intelligentsia of the medieval era, without exceptions, was bent on corrupting Islamic history/teachings and meanings of Qur'anic terms, and that no SINGLE person neither from the learned ones nor the ordinary people of the time ever saw an invented ritual being incorporated into it, and no one never recorded an objection to the alleged corruption. At least, there must be a basis for the claim, why the term was discovered to mean Divine System or Gathering only in the twentieth century? How does that make the Qur'an a clear book when Muslims have been getting the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of their religion wrong for 1400 years and the overwhelming majority still do so and will continue doing so until God knows when?

Just one single source from the early days of Islam confirming that Salaat is not a ritual might change the way Muslims view the concept. So, is there any, was there no single Momin who could have reported the conspiracy?

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