Can a muslima marry a nonmuslim man of the scriptures?

by Syed Ijlal Hussain - Karachi ⌂ @, Karachi, Pakistan, Friday, June 15, 2012, 03:10 (2567 days ago) @ Quasim Hamdani

Dear Quasim Bhai,
Salamun Alaikum!

(your post has been quoted in red)

In referring to verse 5:5 you stated "The above ayat clearly nullifies the possibility of Muslim women marrying Christian/Jew men even if they are chaste. It also clarifies that those who have chosen to believe in The Quran cannot be called people of the book."

I think it is a matter of perspective when it comes to verse 5:5. This verse is stating that two types of women are permissible to a believer: a chaste believing woman and a chaste woman from the people given the scripture before. In both of these cases the woman in question has to agree to marry the suitor as a woman can not be married against her will (4:19). So what is the decision making process for the woman?

Dear Quasim Bhai, the above verse is clearly about the women, believing men can marry. Secondly, there is no argument against the requirement of a woman's will to marry the suitor. Surely a wedlock cannot occur unless the woman getting married, whether a believing woman or one from those who have been given the scripture before gives her consent willfully

It does not say in the Quran that the believing women can only accept believing men as suitors.

It actually does; First by limiting 5:5 to women that can be wedded to believing men, (and not to men from those who have been given the scripture before), and secondly through 60:10 "... Once you establish that they are truly
believers, do not return them to the rejecters of the truth. They are not
lawful for the rejecters, nor are the rejecters lawful for them...."

On your other comment that believers in the Quran can not be called the people of the Book. Certainly Jews, Christians, Hindus and others can call us people
of the Book.

I disagree on this. The Jews and Christians do not recognize and accept Muhammad (S) as God's messenger and Quran as a Holy Scripture. The Quran makes no mention whether Hindus were given the scripture or not so their inclusion is totally out of place here.

We accept the Jews and Christians as people of the book (or those who have been given the scripture earlier,) on the authority of The Quran. On what authority would you say they would accept us as people of the book?


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