Can a muslima marry a nonmuslim man of the scriptures?

by jawaid ahmed @, Birmingham, uk, Friday, June 15, 2012, 08:40 (2557 days ago) @ Syed Ijlal Hussain

The verse regarding believing women not marrying non-Muslim men is:-

Dr Shabbir 2:221 (Establishment of an ideal social system begins with the family. For a successful family life, uniformity of purpose is crucial. Therefore, (O believing men!) Do not wed Mushrikas till they acknowledge the Truth. A believing maid of God is better than a Mushrikah even though she may seem attractive to you. And do not establish marital bonds with Mushriks till they acknowledge the Truth. A believing servant of God is better than a Mushrik even though he may enchant you. They invite to the Fire, while God invites to Paradise and a well-preserved life by His Leave. He expounds His messages for mankind to ponder and take them to heart.
[Mushrik = Idol worshiper or idolater = One who ascribes partners to God = Who ascribes divinity besides Him = Who associates others with Him = Who invents or acknowledges authorities parallel to Him = Sets up idols in any form = Who side-lines Divine Revelation in favour of manmade books or themes = Who worships his desire = Hero worshiper = A sectarian = Whoever hopes for any dead humans or saints to help him = Ancestor worshiper = Who ascribes children to God = A believer in intercession by angels or humans = Who seeks Divine Guidance outside the Final Revelation = A subscriber or claimant to mysticism or clairvoyance = Who believes in created beings having Divine Powers = Accepts ultimate law-givers other than God = Prostrates before tyrants or “holy” men. Mushrikah = A Mushrik woman. Shirk 17:111, 25:2, 18:26, 40:12, 18:38, 18:42, 18:110, 24:55, 10:18, 30:31-32, 10:66, 6:14, 6:40-41, 9:31]

Regarding ourbeacon where women who find their husbands leaving Islam or women who convert to Islam when their husbands remain in their previous religion, the only reason presented for staying in the marriage is to maintain the family which is the best environment for everyone concerned. 60:10 is about women who have left their husbands, migrated, so the ruling states that you can dissolve their marriage [legally by those with this authority] and they are then free to re-marry someone else. In Mullahland the man can only initiate a divorce so this verse overrules their manmade sharia.

This next verse states that a new rule has been given so you should abide by it. However, if you have done something wrong in the past then do not repeat it but you do not have to change something that is already there.

4:22 Do not marry women whom your fathers ever married except what has already happened. Doing such was certainly a shameful and abominable custom.

If you are married to someone who was previously married to your father, then you can continue with this even though the rule now states you cannot do so. 60:10 has women leaving her husbands, so this leaving has to be undertaken first for any divorce to occur. She can stay with him if she decides to do so and there is the possibility of reasoning with him about his beliefs, giving him the opportunity to convert as well. If this fails and there is conflict in the home then the option remains to leave him. But they can continue to live as husband and wife if they want to.

Since most human beings fall into the definition of mushrik, the black and white distinction between Muslim and non Muslim becomes much greyer, so any blanket ruling regarding women definitely having to leave their husbands is not there, as well as who to marry in the first place [compromising our beliefs]!.

So we have a definite ruling that Muslim women are unable to marry non Muslim men which is different to the situation of converts to and from Islam within an existing marriage.

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