by Ms Rashid, Atlanta, US, Saturday, June 16, 2012, 12:14 (2556 days ago) @ Waqas

i am sorry ... but this is the most troubling answer I so far read on this forum. are you saying the al-quran allows incest? no matter what any book says or however u look at this, there are basic values that are coded into us as human beings which we use to judge anything including al-quran. this clearly goes against my human coding. how can anyone have sex with their grandmother by marriage? the woman who gave birth to your mother? oh allah - pls rescue me from this analysis. there is something really wrong with the way the al-quran is being studied here by some because the al-quran can never allow incest if it is the true word of Allah.

I have been very hurt with your suggestion and very deeply affected. i feel so troubling and hurt by such a suggestion. Jawaid bhaijan has a better answer. thank you. but there may be better answers. may Allah show us those answers inshaa'llah ta'ala. ameen.

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