Is Namaaz Salaat?

by Zara, London (UK), Saturday, June 16, 2012, 17:08 (2530 days ago) @ Hicham Mouna


The ritual prayer has some basic component that I mentioned earlier:

Standing (3:39; 4:102)
Bowing and prostrating (4:102; 22:26; 38:24; 48:29)
Fixed periods for prayers (4.103)

Also a mumin must perform ablution before the prayer (4:43; 5:6) and face a specicific direction for prayer (Qiblah)

There are also other verses that deal with the elements of prayer and taken as a whole, we can get a clear picture that a physical prayer is required from us.

The content of the prayers and how many times we bow or prostrate is not fixed but the fact that the are fixed times for prayer is clear.

I need to use my intellect and see what the 'best fit' would be when we discuss the definition of 'salaat'

Looking at all the verses together, the idea that it is some form of community meeting of mumins striving to implement the Quran is weak in my opinion.

This is because we are asked elewhere in the quran to do this, separately from the command to perform prayers.


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