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So, it is one of those verses that is open to subjective interpretations? I personally agree with Waqas' opinion even though it may appear unacceptable to our pre-established notions of allowed/prohibited, either that OR we have to accept that certain parts of the Qur'an cannot be explained without consulting Hadiths/Sunnah and were left out to emphasize the status of Hadiths/Sunnah, if Qur'an really meant it to be forbidden, all it would take is to add only few additional words "your granddaughters / your grandmothers" to include the prohibition, but that is not the case. Mother and father only mean mother and father, the terms here aren't generic as the the rest of the terms pinpoint specific relations. If they were intended to be generic then there would have been no need to add "aunts", and "fostermothers", "wives mothers" since by the generic sense of the word "mother" they would already have been connotated.


Ms Rashid

Even the 7th century Arabs had their own "basic coded values"; they considered marriage with the wife of adopted son unacceptable, yet this "basic coded value" was abolished by the Qur'an.

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