by Rashid ⌂ @, Sunday, June 24, 2012, 14:08 (2527 days ago) @ Quasim Hamdani

Ref “The Koran” translated by J.M. Rodwell and edited by Alan Jones of The Oriental Institute, Oxford ISBN-13 978-1-8421-2609-7”-
“13-28/29; Those who believe, and whose hearts rest securely on the thought of God. What! Shall not mens' hearts repose in the thought of God?
They who believe and do the things that be right—blessedness awaiteth them and a goodly home.”

In the context of the bodily postures, cannot it be said that these postures in prayers/namaz--were there at the time of the Messenger and prior to him and also in use today in many societies as gestures of submission to any higher authority and as in many instances the Quran here too uses the same examples to explain submission to God and God’s laws metaphorically?

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