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I have broken your response to my post down and answered each point I felt was relevant:-

[why should we stop thinking of Allah as a king, sitting on a throne, requiring worship, devotion and servititude etc etc, when these are the very things Allah is saying in al-quran???
So why does the al-quran call Allah king at least five times in al-quran? (e.g. 54:55?)
QXP - 54:55 Seated honorably in the Presence of a Mighty King.]

Miim-Lam-Kaf = to rule/command/reign, be capable, to control, power/authority, king, kingdom.

The word King has a mental image but from the Quran maalik means that God has complete right and authority , it is also means that the system of the universe proceeds rightly and according to his laws and not for some oppressive purpose so that everything continues to get what is essential for its existence; Rahman and Raheem, not Raja and Royalty.

[Why does he say that he is on a throne? (arsh?)
QXP - 9:129 (O Messenger) if they turn away, then say, “God is Sufficient for me. There is no god but He. In Him I put my trust. For, He is the Lord of the Tremendous Throne.” [‘Arsh = Throne = Sky = Height = The Throne of His Almightiness of Supreme Control. 7:54, 10:3, 13:2, 20:5, 25:59, 32:4, 57:4]]

Ayn-Ra-Shiin = to construct/build, make trellis (for grape-wine), make a vine-stalk, roof, raise (a house or structure), settle. 'arshun - throne, arbour, pavillion, roof, power, dominion, sovereignty.

You missed the explanation by Dr Shabbir regarding ARSH. Allah has dominion over all He created. Allah is not limited to time or space so how can He be seated on a throne?

[Why does he say that he created man that we may worship him? [51:56]]

Ayn-Ba-Dal = serve, worship, adore, venerate, accept the impression of a thing, obey with submissiveness or humility, approve, apply, devote, obedience, slave, keep to inseparably, subdue, assemble together, enslave.

Ibadat is incorrectly understood as worship as this denotes ritual acts. From the Quran we see that we should understand this term as obey His Commands, which are in the Quran.

Dr Shabbir’s glossary has this:-
Ibadah = Obeying God by serving His creation = Worship? - Applies in the sense of „worship‟ to idols only.

[if Allah swt is using clear types of description for arabs to understand, why should we say he Alllah swt means something different?]

How many Arabs are following the Quran? Wahabis? Arabic speaking Egyptians doing female genital mutilation? No understanding of the Quran and ritualised, idol worshipping mentalities throughout!

[I like what someone else said to the type of statement you are making on another link.
"It is the need of the created, rather than the Creator, that after recognizing the Supreme Magnificent and All-Mighty Lord, he submits his will, his life, his death, and everything he possesses to Him! Once he recognizes his Lord and Creator, and the innumerable favors done upon him, his only righteous option would be to serve Him and Him Alone!"
do you want to me to stop thinking about what the al-quran is clearly saying? I do not agree with your understanding. i cannot find any truth or evidence in your statements and I also follow al-quran.]

I too serve Allah and Allah alone but we should serve Allah but in what sense? Service to a teacher at school is to understand what he teaches you and pass your exams. No amount of “praising” the teacher is going to get a pass mark [unless you are in Pakistan and make a sizeable contribution to their bank account]. We serve Allah by doing what He says in the Quran and no amount of bida rituals invented by man is going to get us into heaven.

We bring Allah down to our human level when we look upon Him as a king in the earthly sense, instead we should be elevating ourselves nearer to Him [as humanly as possible].

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