by Ms Rashid, Atlanta, US, Monday, June 25, 2012, 19:06 (2556 days ago) @ jawaid ahmed,uk

I will like to ask a question that Sajid bhaijan also asked because you are saying that the rituals were bida and 'invented by man' .

"When did it happen, and who was the first person(s)to point out that Salaat was not Nimaaz but rather it's a social gathering meant only for discussing issues faced by Momineen? Is it only a century or two old affair or could it be traced back to the earliest periods of Islam? Any references from medieval sources?"

in all the lies of hadith, where all kinds of nonsense is also reported as well as wise words, there must be some recording that salat meant what you are saying it means and that it was never a ritual but something else. Is there some evidence or was this all a very very big conspiracy that suddenly everyone got involved in?

please answer this question. we can all make big big claims. please provide your evidence to help me and others.

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