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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

Thank you for your question. Authentic history has been distorted, destroyed or hidden away by those with vested interests. For instance, Ibn Khaldun in his history of the world describes how fairy tales [hadith] have been created around individuals and historical events which pervert what really happened. He describes evolution which was one reason why his book was banned from Al Azhar university in Egypt. He also has some forty pages of his works ‘lost’. Why, I ask myself?

There is a book in Iran that was written 20 years after the so called karbala events yet fails to mention this! It says that Yazid was a great benefactor of Hussain with no hint of the conflict between him and the family of the Messenger . History was distorted by the Ummayads who were heavily influenced by Zoroastrian thought. If history can be lost, why not concepts like salat? Remember, it only takes on generation to fall into falsehood for the next to continue the practice!

Have you studied the earliest history of Islam where you have the Mutazillah movement demanding, no imploring, the masses to use logic and reason in everything they do and not take anything on blind faith? Yes, they departed from this at times, but they challenged the falsehoods that had crept into Islamic thought 1200 years ago that were accepted as the ‘norm’!

We could argue ad infinitum about the truth or otherwise of historical books, so the best example is staring us in the face: THE QURAN. No set of ritualised actions are described in this glorious book regarding the manmade namaz Muslims do. It gives detailed instructions regarding ablution prior to Salat but does not give one single verse out 6000 or so describing such an important act that MUST be done five times a day in order for us to get into heaven! Now Allah may well be having a laugh at us, telling us how to wash but not how to pray, but the laugh is on us. Nowhere are the acts described completely in the hadith literature either; the books of Salat by Bukhari do not have them, so we are left with following what our ancestors have given us. As proof, please read them and see how much of these have to do with Salat and how much with other nonsense:-

In order to eliminate the inconsistencies in our beliefs and acts we must do what the Quran says, judge everything by this book ALONE. In order to eliminate the possible misunderstanding that can easily occur when we use language, verbal as well as written, we must always look elsewhere in the Quran for words we are interested in and how they are used.

I have asked this question ad nauseum, and received only one answer, we do not know how or what their salat is! Maybe you can provide an answer? If your namaz is correct then you must be able to describe the bird namaz from the following:-

24:41Alam tara anna Allaha yusabbihu lahu man fee alssamawati waal-ardi waalttayru saffatin kullun qad AAalima SALATAHU WATASBEEHAHU waAllahu AAaleemun bima yafAAaloona

24:41 Do you not realize that God, He is the One Whom all beings in the heavens and earth glorify, and the birds, with their wings outspread, as they fly in columns. All of them know their SALAAT AND TASBEEH (mission and strife). God is Aware of what they do to fulfill His Plan.

How do ALL beings , including their shadows, bow [do sujood] to Allah?:-
13:15 Walillahi YASJUDU man fee alssamawati waal-ardi tawAAan wakarhan wathilaluhum bialghuduwwi waal-asali
13:15 And before God bow, willingly or unwillingly, all beings that are in the heavens and earth, as do their shadows in the mornings and evenings. [3:82, 41:11]

I will give you my understanding. The salat of the entire universe is to go along with their programming. Everything acts in accordance with their ‘natures’; matter, heavenly bodies, move according to gravity, heat goes from hot to cold, Moon goes around earth, water flows down hill, birds flap their wings and use the air to fly. Remove the wings, or the air, birds will not fly. Man has been given the gift of naming, he can think what is going on and reason why it is going on and utilise everything for his benefit [for all people, not just himself]. But man can also please himself! He can act against his best interest, he can enslave others, create fires that destroy, weapons that kill, etc. When he goes against his best interest he creates a hell for himself. When he does things in his best interest he creates a heaven. Birds fly in columns, so we must act appropriately in order to achieve anything good and lasting. Salat is programming ourselves according to what Allah has given us and act upon this, with no deviation [mistakes happen, but we should not deliberately go against them; if we deviate the result will be loss, just like fire leaves only ashes]. Salat makes our journey through life much more pleasant and economises our efforts. Salat is being conscious of the Quran in everything we do.

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