Salat and Karbalaa

by Rashid ⌂ @, Thursday, June 28, 2012, 02:24 (2554 days ago) @ jawaid ahmed,uk

Thank you Jawaid Ahmed for openning a new issue.
With reference to the second paragraph, and using the faculty given to us to ‘question’ opens up a new chapter for a simple minded person:-
-How come Ali, a first cousin and Son-in-law of the messenger, and Muawiyah a first generation kin and companion of the Messenger were at loggerheads, in spite of Quran’s statement to the contrary that ‘their hearts were filled with love’?!

-How come Hasan and Hussain, the two grand children of the Messenger, who grew up playing in his lap would act so differently in the same circumstances of the conflict with Umiyads? Hasan’s withdrawal gave about twenty years of peace to the Muslim community, whereas young Hussain’s acrimonious demand for Khilafat from Yazid ended up in the widest and un-breachable schism in the Muslim world till today?!

-How come that Hassan acted completely contrary to the advice given to him by his own kith and kin not to go to Iraq?!

-How come that Hassan was accompanied by only 72 people, and that too mostly his own immediate family members including a babe in arms, to go on such a dangerous expedition to face an Army?!

-How come there were 90,000 to 900,000 Muslims there in just a short period of about 50 years of early Muslim history to be killed in the conflict?!

-How come in spite of the above then the early Muslims were able to subdue such a large part of the lands from East to West if they were busy killing each other in such large numbers?!

It looks as if :-
Zaraa si baat thhee undesha-e-ajam nay jisay,
Barhaa diyaa hai faqat zaeb-e-daastaan kay liye!?
Both sides of the schism should use their God given faculty to question, particularly the traditions and history written by vested interests!

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