Salat and Karbalaa

by jawaid ahmed,uk @, Thursday, June 28, 2012, 07:33 (2524 days ago) @ Rashid

History is in the hands of the victors. The Abbassis overthrew and murdered the Ummayad and then re-engineered history to show that they had been denied leadership and the Ummayad were the murderer’s of the Mesenger’s family. They slaughtered all of the members of the ruling family, except one, Abdur Rehman, who went on to found the glorious era in Spain, so we can see the calibre of the people overthrown!
If you want to get further information about the influence of the Persian, Zoroastrians, on the Muslims, read the following, it is only partly presented here and I recommend you buy the book or find a complete download somewhere:-

Conspiracies Against the Quran by Dr. Syed Abdul Wadud

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