by Zara, London (UK), Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 02:13 (2507 days ago) @ Sajid


I am most relieved and grateful that God has listed prohibitions in marriage when I see this thread.

You say that:
'I personally agree with Waqas' opinion even though it may appear unacceptable to our pre-established notions of allowed/prohibited,..'

Thank goodness sisters were included in the list then!

The key here was to investigate the word 'ummahātukum' further. The remit of this word can be seen fully when looking at the Arabic, not an English translation.

Grandmothers and grandaughters and indeed further generations upwards and downwards are including by inference.There was no need to introduce specifics for this group as the Arabic in this context is all inclusive.

If not being allowed to marry your wife's mother(who has no biological link to you has been included), God would not leave out a direct blood line relation such as grandmother/grandaughter.


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