Is Namaaz Salaat?

by amirabbas, Iran, Saturday, July 14, 2012, 14:27 (2537 days ago) @ Ms Rashid

11:87 They said, "O Shoaib! (We had thought that your religion was only a matter between you and your Lord.) Does your way of prayer (Salaat) command that we should forsake the worship that our fathers practiced? Or, that we should give up doing what we like to do with our economy? You want us to think that you are the only clement, and the rightly guided man among us."

Salaat is forsaking Namaz and every other habit that is contrary, and of no benefit, to the following of the Divine System of Life and instead finding a real solution to our individual and social problems.

G. A. Parwez has said, "the meaning of Sal'at encompasses the congregational prayers as well. Wherever Aqeem-us-Sal'at is referred to, it means the establishment of the whole system, the obedience to the Laws of Allah, and the observance of all the duties expected of a Momin. At other places, it also refers to the offering of prayers as well other duties which are a part of the whole system. For this distinction one has to see the whole verse and the context in which it is brought. Similarly the word Musalleen is referred to those persons who are at the height of dignity (70/22-35)."

Congregational prayers can only be established when our neighbors and other members of society have a basic knowledge and understanding about the Qur'an and of the system they are willing to uphold and follow. In this way they can only make things better and progress in their personalities and lives. What we nowadays do in the name of Salaat and prayer is only a mockery of Islam and violation of Human Rights!

Yes, Allah's Salaat commands us that we should forsake the worship that our fathers practiced. And that we are not free to do whatever we desire with our resources and economy (personal wealth and effort.)

”O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell
and count myself a king of infinite space.”
- Shakespeare: Hamlet

Yes, we could read our Namaz and think it's the best thing we can do! Now we are free to violate human rights and hoard money and be selfish even more than before!

I cannot believe they used to propagate a saying in our schools days (and many other places they propagate it), "Namaz is the cornerstone of the Deen!" And some used to blame/mock the Deen saying, "what a loose cornerstone has such a Deen that's destructed by a mere fa*t!"

Sorry for saying that; it hurts me!

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