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peace Bro Jawaid,

You said (emphasis mine):
"I have always understood this as a general call to people at particular times, not a specific one which I understand is being linked only to hajj on freeminds."

Then said (emphasis mine):
"The Quran calls mankind to the hajj yet in surah 62 it is addressing the believers so I do not see how this can only be for hajj."

On the one hand you say you see it as a "general call to people", but on the other, say "the leaders will call all the believers, those who believe in the Quranic System" - which one is it?
Why cant a leader call the believers from a mix* of people present at al-hajj?
*which would almost always be the case unless we imagine an area with only mumineen, which the context of 62:9 does not seem to indicate

You are right that al-hajj is open to all of humankind, and as you also rightly allude to, the regular/timed salat is for the mumineen [e.g. 4:103].

When we review the Arabic, we can see it fits perfectly, hence my 2nd link:

"when the call is made for/to the salat from/of (the) day/period of gathering/congregation/assembly..."


This is my understanding at the present time. Your thoughts?

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