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My apologies, when the ‘call’ is made for the jumma salat it is only for those who believe in the Divine System, based on addressing local needs. Those who are non “muslim” are not going to be invited since they do not believe in it. Dare I mention that the Messenger did not have Jews, Christians and Mushriks in his ‘shura’ council, they did not accept him so they could not be relied upon to give proper advice; he still ensured they had full rights as citizens and their welfare was looked after though..

“Why cant a leader call the believers from a mix* of people present at al-hajj?”

In hajj we agree that it is for mankind but I do not see why only the believers are called from the mix present there. In my opinion Hajj is akin to the United Nations assembly where people can gather to discuss global issues that affect us all. It would be regulated by believers who would have the interest of everyone in mind. This is different to local gatherings since the majority of mankind would not be believers and many parts of the world would be ruled by them, but this should not exclude them from discussing and agreeing to things that affect us all. In the UN each country has its own agenda, but with Hajj there would be no veto powers except the principles of the Quran.

We could say then why would non belivers attend if the Quran rules? The Quran declares that once you have set up the Quranic system this will attract people who want to see how and why it works; hence the hajj/umra gatherings.

22:27 “And announce to mankind the duty of Pilgrimage. They will come to you on foot, and on every kind of fast mount, coming from every far away point on earth.”
22:28 So that they might see with their own eyes and experience what benefits the Divine System holds for them (in addition to uniting them in the common bond of humanity). And they shall commemorate God‟s Name collectively during the specified days of Hajj; and over the livestock He has bestowed upon them. Then host one another with the livestock (to make the Congregation self-sufficient in the food resources). Eat and feed the distressed poor (regardless of whether they are in the congregation or not). [An important note: Although the Saudi government forbids non-Muslims to come to Makkah and Madinah, this practice is contrary to the Qur‟an. The idolaters are forbidden only to „ya‟mur‟ or administer the Masjid for obvious ideological reasons. (9:17-18, 3:97). In fact, they must be allowed to come and witness the benefits of the unity of mankind. (22:27-28)]

The Messenger invited everyone, non believers included, to show them the system he had implemented based upon the Quranic teachings he had received.

I can see how only believers could be called to an ‘inner’ conference/gathering at Hajj, but from what I have written above my personal opinion is that we need to get everyone talking while they are there; Jaw, jaw, not war war!

Regarding 4:103; the “regular/timed salat” is whenever the leaders wish to call all the believers together to discuss something rather than leave it to the elected members who would run the affairs on daily, normal bases. These times will be announced when necessary, fixed so that everyone is aware of them and make an effort to attend. I do not believe it relates to fixed times that they have for namaz.

= Waw-Qaf-Ta = to fix, defined/determined/limited a thing as to time, APPOINT/DECLARE/ASSIGN A TIME, measure of time (e.g. season).

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