Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Syed Ijlal Hussain ⌂ @, Karachi - Pakistan, Thursday, August 02, 2012, 22:16 (2487 days ago) @ Hicham Mouna

Dear Brothers Jawaid and Hicham,

I am not trying to validate Namaz; I do not offer it. But objectivity and logic forces me to analyze logically.

For the Arabic audience in the days of the Exalted Prophet, it could not have been "reading God's words back to Him!" Yes, for a person like me, it would be, unless it is coupled with an explanation later after the namaz (if there is any such thing.) That would also fulfill the need to congregate and discuss current issues and educating people (as per The Quran.)

Jawaid Bhai, we, Humans, do need to be reminded again and again. Quran itself is repetitive in most cases, and so are many self-help books I have read. I am sure you have heard of auto-suggestion. Personality changes occur when thoughts get deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. There are altered states of consciousness such as hypnosis that make it easier to reach the sub or unconscious mind. Autosuggestion accomplishes the same through repetitiveness over a long period of time.

Another point that comes to mind is where and how did Pooja (worship) originate? How did the concept of God originate in the minds of evolving homo sapiens? It is easy to understand how they discovered to make fire but how did ancient pagan cultures conjure up the concept of gods and goddesses? We find the answer in the Quran itself; it tells us God had been sending guidance through his messengers and Man continued to reject it. There is reason to believe every pagan religion must have descended from true revealed Deen and later was distorted. Is it possible that some form of prayer or worship to keep open a direct connection with God was ordained but was later changed according to the whims and fancies of men (the Satanic forces within?)

Again, I must reiterate, I am not trying to validate Namaz, but just considering if we have made a slight mistake in our interpretation of the true meaning of Salaat (that might encompass some form of reading God's Word.) Please do keep in mind I myself gave up Namaz two years back, but I can tell you when I used to offer namaz, I did it out of Taqwa, and it did help me abstain from sin and increase in piety. As such, we cannot blame namaz itself for the current state of Muslims today. It is the lack of Taqwa in the current day Muslims, who indulge in shirk and do not help the needy nor come forward to do something for the betterment of society.

Even in this community, where we discuss the sole implementation of Salaat and Zakaat (Quran,) I wrote a little about my problems, even came close to committing suicide, wrote a long list of Ayahs from the QXP on our beacon forum that clearly state it is the duty of 'those who have chosen to be graced with belief' to help ones who have suffered in life in anyway, nobody really came forward to offer any real help except Dr. Shabbir. I would politely have thanked and refused anyhow...

Amyway, I'll not argue further but we are all waiting for a government to be established that would enforce The Word of God. Problem is how would such a government get established unless we do not first implement The Quran in our own lives? While Namaz is not proven from the Quran, people even find ways to negate fasting during this blessed month.

At least one person, Dr. Asarulislam Syed, whom Dr. Shabbir Ahmad calls 'The Cannon of Quran' has initiated something practical, but his views are so very different.

It is a huge jungle and we still cannot claim to have fully understood the true meaning of Salaat and more so, its implementation.


Salamun Alaykum!

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