Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Rashid ⌂ @, Friday, August 03, 2012, 06:41 (2508 days ago) @ Syed Ijlal Hussain

My penny's worth.
To the general question as to how this Church-mosque based “ritual” came about, one can only say that:-
-The ‘need’ of seeking a ‘super-natural’ authority to help solve ones temporal problems in the ‘vacuum’ of knowledge based information must have been the catalyst to establish the Spiritual Temples, the Churches, and the institution of the ‘Mother church’.
- The vested ‘interests’ of clever people, the potentates and the operatives of the church, the power brokers carved out a niche for themselves by whatever means, then filled that vacuum.
- Despite the repeated Divine messages to eliminate the above, the combination of Firauns, Hamans and Karoons were always successful in re-establishing themselves whenever and wherever they could keep the masses in ignorance. As is evident even today where the State expenditure on ‘knowledge based education’ is far far less than on other areas.
The story of Moses and Verses, 75 onwards of Surah 28, Qasas gives a good narration of human nature as influenced by the Trio. The spirituality that comes from “doing good for the goodness sake” is yet to establish itself among human beings, till then the mother church is here to stay with its agents of spirituality!

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