Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Hicham Mouna, Denmark, Friday, August 03, 2012, 12:00 (2487 days ago) @ Syed Ijlal Hussain


Brother Syed.

In regards to your thoughts.
I don't think anyone in here can say with 100% certainty that how we understand salaat today is how its really supposed to be.

If anything, the constant discussions and improvements are the best proof of this.
However, the logical conclusion based on the bigger picture of the Qu'rans message would make a non-physical prayer seem to be the most logical outcome.

However, the Qu'ran is timeless, and everyone is constantly learning, salaat today may not have the same understanding some years from now.

Just see Dr. Shabbir Ahmeds translation from since he started. It has been undergoing an almost constant change. Is this not infallibility on our part as humans?

Also, you said:

"Even in this community, where we discuss the sole implementation of Salaat and Zakaat (Quran,) I wrote a little about my problems, even came close to committing suicide, wrote a long list of Ayahs from the QXP on our beacon forum that clearly state it is the duty of 'those who have chosen to be graced with belief' to help ones who have suffered in life in anyway, nobody really came forward to offer any real help except Dr. Shabbir. I would politely have thanked and refused anyhow..."

In regards to this problem... Suicide is a serious issue.. And i do think i remember you writing about it on Ourbeacon forums. I may be imagining it though.

I can only give my personal opinion on this.
But, i would personally never try to help in any other way than to tell said person to go see his/her doctor or psychiatrist immediatly.
One only needs to say 1 wrong thing to trigger an unhappy outcome, and since most don't know you personally and even fewer probably has the necessary practice and education on dealing with such matters, helping out in such a situation can be difficult and almost unrealistic.

So to say that no one really stepped forth to help may not be entirely correct. It may be that people didn't know how to help.

This is probably one of the biggest flaws what concerns online communities. We don't really know each other and our help is only so limited.

My opinions are in no way meant to disrespect your issue or anything else.
So forgive me if anything i said in this post may have come to you as insulting. This was not the intention if so.

Sister Laurie started a thread some months ago where people could speak freely of their way into Islam and the issues we faced along the way.

I found it to be a great way to put life behind the name.

And i wish everyone would post their stories in there, as i find it a way to help build relations across distances since, i for one, feel pretty lonely here in Denmark being one of the very very very few muslims whom follow the Qu'ran only.

Salaatforum/Dr. Shabbirs forum/Free-minds is my haven of peace and knowledge in this situation.

Best regards

- a novice in the long road of learning

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