Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

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Brother Syed.

In regards to your thoughts.
I don't think anyone in here can say with 100% certainty that how we understand salaat today is how its really supposed to be.

If anything, the constant discussions and improvements are the best proof of this.
However, the logical conclusion based on the bigger picture of the Qu'rans message would make a non-physical prayer seem to be the most logical outcome.

However, the Qu'ran is timeless, and everyone is constantly learning, salaat today may not have the same understanding some years from now.

Just see Dr. Shabbir Ahmeds translation from since he started. It has been undergoing an almost constant change. Is this not infallibility on our part as humans?

Also, you said:

"Even in this community, where we discuss the sole implementation of Salaat and Zakaat (Quran,) I wrote a little about my problems, even came close to committing suicide, wrote a long list of Ayahs from the QXP on our beacon forum that clearly state it is the duty of 'those who have chosen to be graced with belief' to help ones who have suffered in life in anyway, nobody really came forward to offer any real help except Dr. Shabbir. I would politely have thanked and refused anyhow..."

In regards to this problem... Suicide is a serious issue.. And i do think i remember you writing about it on Ourbeacon forums. I may be imagining it though.

I can only give my personal opinion on this.
But, i would personally never try to help in any other way than to tell said person to go see his/her doctor or psychiatrist immediatly.
One only needs to say 1 wrong thing to trigger an unhappy outcome, and since most don't know you personally and even fewer probably has the necessary practice and education on dealing with such matters, helping out in such a situation can be difficult and almost unrealistic.

So to say that no one really stepped forth to help may not be entirely correct. It may be that people didn't know how to help.

This is probably one of the biggest flaws what concerns online communities. We don't really know each other and our help is only so limited.

My opinions are in no way meant to disrespect your issue or anything else.
So forgive me if anything i said in this post may have come to you as insulting. This was not the intention if so.

Sister Laurie started a thread some months ago where people could speak freely of their way into Islam and the issues we faced along the way.

I found it to be a great way to put life behind the name.

And i wish everyone would post their stories in there, as i find it a way to help build relations across distances since, i for one, feel pretty lonely here in Denmark being one of the very very very few muslims whom follow the Qu'ran only.

Salaatforum/Dr. Shabbirs forum/Free-minds is my haven of peace and knowledge in this situation.

Dear Brother Hicham,

This is The Main Flaw amongst us; we tend to run away from our duties (and I am not talking about Namaz that I also consider wrong!)

Helping one another and creating empathy is the real essence of Salaat!

Unfortunately, we are willing to find all reasons to run away from hardships such as namaaz and Roza/Sawm - again, not arguing on the validity or invalidity of Namaaz, but not willing to establish Salaat practically!

Here are a few verses for you that explain at least one aspect of the meaning of Salaat:

2:177 (One consequence of this schism is their pre-occupation with rituals, with each sect leaving the revelation aside and taking delight in its own set of dogmas they call religion. 30:320.) Righteousness and exponential development of the ‘self’ depends not on whether you turn your faces to East or West. But righteousness is that: One has conviction in God, And the Last Day, And the Angels, And the Book, And the prophets. And that he gives of his cherished wealth to: Family and relatives, Orphans, Widows, Those left helpless in the society, And those whose hard-earned income fails to meet their basic needs, Those whose running businesses have stalled, The ones who have lost their jobs, Whose life has stalled for any reason, The disabled, The needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels to you for assistance, Those who ask for help, and Those whose necks are burdened with any kind of bondage, oppression, crushing debts and extreme hardship of labor. (And righteous are) those who strive to establish the institution of Salaat, (2:3. 2:53) And help set up the Economic System of Zakaat. They are true to their pledge whenever they make one. And they remain steadfast in physical or emotional distress and in times of peril. It is those who have proven themselves to be true, and it is those who are living upright.

17:26 And give your relative his or her Divinely ordained right, and give to those whose running businesses have stalled, those who have lost their jobs, the needy wayfarer, the homeless, and the one who reaches you in a state of destitution. Do not squander your wealth senselessly. [2:261, 6:141. Squanderers cannot be charitable]

30:38 So, give the relatives their rightful share, and to the needy, and the one whose business has stalled, the one who has lost his job, the one whose hard-earned income is insufficient to meet the basic needs, the homeless son of the street, and the needy traveler and the one who has traveled to you for help. This is best for those who seek God's Approval. For, it is those who are truly successful. [Zal qurba, Miskeen, Wabn-is-sabeel, encompass all the meanings rendered. The Divinely ordained Economic Order will ensure equity and prosperity for all]

74:44 “Neither did we feed the hungry, nor did we take part in helping those who had lost their jobs, those whose businesses had stalled, and those whose hard-earned income was insufficient to meet their basic needs.”

76:6 A spring whereof the servants of God drink – it is those who make it flow in abundance. [The true servants of God achieve His blessings of guidance and all that is good, and share them with fellow human beings]
76:7 They fulfill their vows and pledges and fear (and therefore, guard against) the times when chaos and corruption might sweep the society.
76:8 And they feed, for the love of nobility, the indigent, the orphan and
the captive. [They help establish the System where the first ones to receive the provisions of God are the ones who are needy, who have lost their jobs, whose lives have stalled, the widows, the orphans, the ones who feel left alone in the society, the captives and those who are stranded on earth for any reason]
76:9 (They do all this selflessly) saying, "We provide for you for the sake of God alone. We want no return from you, not even a word of thanks.

89:18 And you fail to encourage one another to feed the needy (and establish a benevolent society). [The term used for ‘feeding’ is highly inclusive. Here it indicates failing to establish the ideal society that takes care of all individuals. Miskeen = Poor = Needy = Whose life is stranded for any reason = Whose business has stalled = Who has lost his job = Whose life has been hampered by circumstances. Ta’aam = Feeding = Food = Provision = Basic needs of life. A benevolent society takes care of the basic needs of life. None would sleep hungry therein]

107:1 Have you seen him who proclaims allegiance to the Divine System, but denies it in action? [53:33, 75:32-33, 95:7. Takzeeb = To give lie = Deny in practice = Reject in daily life]
107:2 Indeed, he is the one who repels the orphan, the widow, the helpless, the one in a lonely state. [89:10, 69:34]
107:3 And urges not the feeding of the needy. And participates not in helping those who have lost their jobs, whose businesses have stalled, and whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their basic needs.

Have you noticed how animals feed together? They growl and snatch bits and pieces out of each others' mouths; this is what we are doing these days (or have probably been doing forever!) Those who choose to be graced with belief do the opposite; they feed others, they take pains upon themselves and give happiness to others. These are the traits that make us Humans the best of creation!

I am sorry to state I do not need any psychiatric help, as you have stated. You may just not be sensitive enough to understand what pains those who go the extra mile for the sake of others, go through when people around them lack empathy and compassion.

In my humble opinion, (and I am saying this generally, and not directing it towards you,) it is those who are insensitive to others and lack empathy that need to be treated. People like me are victims of such people.

You are not alone brother; I also feel very lonely, here, in Pakistan, which was supposed to be the fortress of Islam. Here, I do not just feel lonely, I have to fight the brainwashed Muslims to uphold the truth and face isolation because of it. It does not just end here; one day, one of the 'religious gangsters' (Mazhabi Badmash in the language of Dr. Asarulislam Syed) is going to hear my views and give a fatwa (decree) against me that I am an apostate and hence 'Wajibul Qatl'!

Allah bless you!

Salamun Alaykum.

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