Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Syed Ijlal Hussain ⌂ @, Karachi - Pakistan, Saturday, August 04, 2012, 22:09 (2516 days ago) @ Hicham Mouna


Dear Brother Hicham,


I am going to answer to a few of your relevant points and delete the rest, so please bear with me. My replies would be in bold text as I would be replying within you quoted message.

In certain situations, it is not that we are running away from helping, it is simply because we do not know how to help. But that in no way implies that we are running from our salaat.. We are always learning

Brother, I gave my email address for a purpose; I wanted to test a hypothesis I had in mind and it proved out correct. Was it not simple enough to write to me privately and ask how one could help? As I wrote before, I would have thanked and refused politely but at least it would have proven that people who write so much about establishing Salaat were actually doing something about establishing it.

If I did not have some honor, it was a simple matter to ask for help in a direct way that would quite practically and simply have put my stalled business back on track, which, incidentally, is only a minor part of my problems

And i completly agree when you say "I believe Muslim should know other people better than themselves since they come to know themselves better."
But mediums such as the internet holds a barrier that strongly bars us from truly understanding one another. (This is simply my opinion.. it is not final in any way)

We are so few and scattered around the world, internet is the only medium we can communicate through. Perhaps, a facebook group would help us know each other much better, while we can continue to discuss The Quran on these forums

@ Brother Syed

Dr. Shabbbir often says, "many talk the talk, but few walk the walk".
And i agree to some extent, but not when it comes to our community.
I cannot point to one person in the 4 years i've been in this community, who wasn't willing to learn or try. We all strive to follow our salaat, but we are also all bound by our individuel restrictions/limitations. In the end it comes down to many things, so claiming(if that is what you are claiming) that we run from our duties, then i'd be so harsh to say that your claim is blatantly false in most cases..

Everyone here seeks to establish salaat in our lifes, but first we must understand what salaat is. No one is running away from it, infact i see courage when i read the countless posts in here with brave muslims who dare to ask questions instead of shutting down and only wanting to understand it in one way.

Thanks brother for your claim but being harsh is against the spirit of salaat, so I hope you would consider being less harsh. And I feel you are contradicting yourself here by claiming to know that everybody here is doing justice with their Salaat. Please reread your previous comments

I personally think its disrespectful of you to say that it is a flaw amongst us.

I proved my point above. You might find it disrespectful but I find it disrespectful to overlook so many verses in The Quran that are commands and not allegories and concentrate on a just few. All I can say is you are not in my shoes and I, not in yours; so let us agree to disagree respectfully

As i stated in my post, what we intended to say rarely ever is what was understood by the reader. I never claimed you needed psychiatric help. I simply stated what i would do in a situation if someone i knew told me he/she had suicidal thoughts.

Yes, I agree many fail to understand our points of view because it is Human nature to perceive things from their own point of view; perception is a cognizant process. All the more reason to be very clear when we write...

I can assure you majority of readers would have thought you were referring to me because I have had the courage to expose myself in public by stating I have had suicidal thoughts

And i don't see that as being insensitive or lacking empathy towards said person.
It is a sound judgement made based upon the fact that i know how dangerous such a mental state is, and that i am aware of my own limitations in which i can help said person. Therefore i would rather see too it that the person gets the proper help he needs so that he can come back on his feet.

Again, a matter of perception; not everyone who has had suicidal thoughts is sick. Psychiatrists can only treat sick people, not the ones who have lost the will to live because of madmen around them. Try envisaging yourself locked up in a cuckoo's nest!

If i see someone physically hurt, i call the doctor and don't start surgery myself.
That doesn't mean i lack empathy or am insensitive..

No, in that case you don't lack sympathy (empathy, in my opinion is a little different) or are insensitive, for that is practical help!

And believe me when i say i understand the hardship of giving without getting..
I try to do good on every part of my life.. but i always see people getting better by doing bad.. But i know better, because Allah, most generous, rewards those who are steadfast in their belief.. And this is one of the few things that can truly calm me and help me continue my current way of life.

The sole reason I am still alive :-)

I cannot claim to say i've got it harder or just as hard as you.
Living in Pakistan with a different opinion than the masses can get you killed.
I'm aware of this..

What a blessing it would be if I get killed for upholding the truth! And, I don't say this because I wish to die because of suffering in this life

But i sincerely doubt any muslim today whom follow the Qu'ran and not hadith doesn't have it hard in one way or the other. We willingly isolate ourselves from our surroundings, our family even, to follow Allah in every aspect of our lives.
But i understand your feeling of being lonely, and your online family will always be there to support you in any way we possibly can.

I thought so, too!

I hope my post doesn't come off as being disrespectful in anyway.
I am simply trying to give a clear picture of my thoughts on the current matter.

Take care of yourself brother. God bless you!

Salamun Alaykum

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