Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Ali Noor Atlanta, Atlanta, Sunday, August 05, 2012, 16:44 (2485 days ago) @ Quasim Hamdani

while performing Salat ( Namaz)in Three of Five times the Imam recites Quranic Ayaat (not to read back to Allah but to remind himself) & the muslims standing behind him.As the muslims are supposed to know the meaning of Quran all remind themselves of Allah's Commands.Reciting & hearing the Ayaat are to refresh understanding of Quran which is basic duty of a muslim to follow in day to day life.Most of the Muslims may or may not recite Quran but the Salat makes them to recite Quranic Ayaat to remine themselves of Allah commands.Salat is time table for muslims to recite,understand & follow in day today life.This is my humble undestanding.

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