Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

by Syed Ijlal Hussain ⌂ @, Karachi - Pakistan, Sunday, August 05, 2012, 21:17 (2484 days ago) @ Hicham Mouna

Dear brother Hicham,

I was very specific in my last post, and I'll try to be that again. I think you have taken a few arguments out of context.

"This is The Main Flaw amongst us; we tend to run away from our duties (and I am not talking about Namaz that I also consider wrong!)"

May I ask what duties? I sent a long list of verses from The Quran in a previous post that clearly indicate what sort of duties we run away from.

And, as it seems, you make that claim based on:

Brother, I gave my email address for a purpose; I wanted to test a hypothesis I had in mind and it proved out correct. Was it not simple enough to write to me privately and ask how one could help? As I wrote before, I would have thanked and refused politely but at least it would have proven that people who write so much about establishing Salaat were actually doing something about establishing it.

So, if i understand you correctly.
You had an idea that, if you made a post in regards to very personal problems such as suicidal thoughts, you'd expect dozens of mails from people whom you do not know, and whom do not know you at all, simply to give personal advice as to your situation or any other form of reply?

Your empirical evidence in this hypothesis are very weak and your conclusion that we therefore must be not wanting to implement salaat in our lives, or even running from it, is based solely on assumptions without any real empirical evidence to back it up...

Just because the topic of that discussion (on forum) was the lawfulness or otherwise of suicide, and I mentioned my thoughts in support of those who do go through unbearable pain, you have stuck to this one point. Please understand if I decide to kill myself, I would not write to the world and expect mails from people around the world to save me! I would do it as quietly as possible!

First of, you do not know how many even saw your post.

There have been 165 discrete views of that post

Secondly, you do not know how well people react to such situations.

I don't need to know how people react once they are trying to establish Salaat in their lives and there are clear instructions in the Quran (that I have posted more than once)

Third, even if many saw your post, you do not know their reasons for not sending you a mail, you can only assume why they didn't.

And there are probably more factors as to why. So i'm having a hard time figuring out your reasoning as to that hypothesis being factual in any logical way.

We mostly assume first and then check the validity of our assumptions. There might be empirical flaws in my testing but I was not conducting scientific research. I assumed nobody would bother and I got my answer - I had nothing to prove to anyone else. Please read that post in proper context and you'll understand I did not even ask for help

You said in some earlier posts:
Anyway, I'll not argue further but we are all waiting for a government to be established that would enforce The Word of God. Problem is how would such a government get established unless we do not first implement The Quran in our own lives? While Namaz is not proven from the Quran, people even find ways to negate fasting during this blessed month.

We are still learning, as i proclaimed earlier, Ourbeacon and Salaat forum is a sound evidence of this, which is why i can claim to say that everyone on these boards seek to learn and implement the Qu'ran in their lives, even though i do not know them personally, otherwise there would be no reason for them to be here, except but to feed their own ego in light of wanting to go to heaven(but i sincecerely doubt this).
So i don't feel like i contradict my point as you stated.

But enough is enough, i respect your opinion and views, although when it comes to this exact matter, i could not disagree with you anymore than i have already shown.

As i always state, i do not intend to be disrespectful or harsh in my posts in any possible way, we are having a discussion and do not aim for personal attacks.
We are brothers/sisters despite everything.

Brother, let us end it here. You just named the correct term ego. I probably hurt your ego by proclaiming many of us are not really doing enough to incorporate Salaat in our lives. Why you became so defensive, I cannot fathom, as I had made a general point and not directed it against you in particular.

I just wrote that post on suicide because I felt a lot of insensitivity from many people against those who suffer to a point they are unable to continue to live. There were a few, very learned people like Brother Jawaid Ahmad who did show true empathy towards such unfortunate people and it was very touching.

You do have a right to express your views, and they might help some.

Finally, I apologize if I have hurt you in any way.

Peace be upon you!

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