Namaz - Objections and Counterobjections

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Do classical Arabic dictionaries give the metaphorical meaning of words and sentences composed of words? If they do not then it is left to us to understand them. I am not promoting deviant views, but sometimes there is a meaning in the words that requires thinking about, Surah 3:7? An example which is usually rendered to shave the head is idiomatically explained as follows:-

2:196 (Peace cannot defend itself. Mankind have to guard it.) Therefore, observe the Hajj and „Umrah Convention for God. If you are stranded, send in gifts that the congregation would utilize. Do not consider that by doing so you have relieved yourself of duty. Be with them at heart until the gifts have reached their destination. If someone is sick or has other compelling burdens preventing him from sending any contribution, then Abstinence for a few days at convenience, or an act of charity or fulfilling someone‟s need shall be in order. If a person is present at the Convention but cannot afford to contribute, he should exercise Abstinence for a total number of ten days, three days there and seven days after coming home. This is for him whose people do not live in the vicinity of the Convention. Be mindful of God, remembering the noble objective. And know that God (His law) is Strict in grasping.
[Hajj is the annual Convention in a specified time while „Umrah is a visit to the Masjid of Makkah any time during the year. Both have a sublime objective as the Qur‟an explains, although Muslims have reduced them into mere rituals similar to the Days of Ignorance. There is no mention of kissing the black-stone in Ka‟bah, any "holiness" about the Zam Zam water, or that of throwing rocks at the three pillars signifying Satan. See footnote to Surah 105. The Noble Objective of the Pilgrimage is to arrange regular and intermittent international conferences in Makkah. Delegates from all over the world would get together there and devise ways to make the world a better place to live. Halqirras = Relief of burden = Idiom for relief - „Imams‟ Jurjani, Hasan Basari, Shehristani]

Do we reject this and see Allah as wanting us to shave our heads at Hajj?


I cannot be a Muslim in isolation, it demands communal actions. Bearing this in mind, salat gatherings of whatever nature [national government, local councils, community discussions etc] require a discussion on the issues at hand and come up with Quranic validated solutions. This “regular/timed salat/bond for the mumineen”, seems much more logical to me than the ritualised namaz we see today. Your article addressing the reading and understanding the Quran at the start and end of day also makes sense. We should make sure we know what the Quran says and not leave it to individuals to tell us. Frankly speaking it is because we have delegated the understanding/interpretation of the Quran to the godfathers of Islam, the Mullahs and Imams, that they have been able to divert us from the Quranic straight path.

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