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salaam jawaid, all,

Whilst I agree with some points, there are various issues with those translations/understandings, but most can be identified using a word for word, such as corpus.quran.com


Dr Shabbir.

2:142 Those of little understanding among people say, “What has turned them from Jerusalem, the Qiblah that the Jews used to follow? Say, “To God belongs East and West. He guides to the straight path whoever wills (to be guided).”
[„They‟ = Jews..........

The Arabic of Quran says:
"....will say: "What has turned THEM from the qiblah which THEY were on it?" Say..."
THEM and THEY are referring to the same group.

2:143 "....And not We made the qiblah which thou were on it except that We make evident..."
Note the difference in translation yet same phrasing in Arabic.

2:144 "....so We will turn thee to a qiblah that will please thee...."

The verses clearly imply a change.

Unfortunately, posting such things on the restrictive ourbeacon forum would be difficult so the above issues will likely be repeated. Pity.

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