A subject on ramadhan and how we determine when it starts

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Dear brothers and sisters,

I came across an English translation of the booklet: "The Truth about Soum" by Dr. Qamar Zaman, translated by Zubair Hussain.

The author suggests an entire different meaning of Verses 183-187 of Albaqarah.
Shaar Ramadan is not about the month of Ramadan, and soum is not about fasting at all.

The following is the translation:

O ye who believe! Siam are prescribed to you, as they were prescribed to those before you, so that you become Muttaqi.

If anyone is sick or traveling, he can acquire the capabilities on other days.
Those who have the power to Siam, feeding the helpless is their ransom.
Whosoever obeys God’s decrees does so for his own good.
And Soum is good for you if you knew.

To deal with a situation like Ramadhan, Quran is presented. It is Guidance for humans and criterion of right and wrong.
Hence, whoever witnesses this situation or condition; he should refrain from contributing to it and restrain others as well.
God wills ease through you, not any hardships. And that you attain the capabilities and establish God’s supremacy according to His decrees and be grateful.

And when my people ask about me, I am nearby. I hear whoever calls me and answer the caller. Hence, he should move forward and become a peace maker by implementing My Commands. As a result others will heed the call as well.

It had been made lawful for you to mistreat helpless folks during the dark nights of tyranny.
God was aware of your treachery against your own people. (You were stealing the fruits of their hard labor.)
Yet, God turned to you and forgave you.
Henceforth, establish intimate relations with them and seek only what is legally yours according to God’s decrees.
Acquire the knowledge of God’s Commandments and follow/implement them so that their shining light can help you identify and remove the wrong traditions and beliefs from the society.
You must not promise anything while you are still in the process of studying God’s decrees and planning their implementation.
These are limitations or boundaries set by God.
Do not ever come near or cross them.
That is how God clarifies his commandments, so that you achieve Taqwa

And the result of Soum is presented in (2:188):
You must not take away others’ properties illegally. Nor you should offer a part of your ill gotten wealth to authorities (as bribes), so that you knowingly consume the
rest for yourselves.

The backgrounds and arguments of how the author reached the above translations are explained in detail in the booklet, which can be download as pdf file through this link: http://aastana.com/books/16_E.PDF


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