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Dear Brother Denis,

From QXP 4th Edition (bolding and blue highlighting are my emphasis):

4:43 (Those who attain belief shall promptly establish the Divine System in the community, and the Masjid would assume the role of the community center. The believers will assemble in the Masjid for prayer, and to address social welfare and community action). O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Join not the Salaat congregation if your mind is beclouded for any reason, until you understand what you utter, else you might say senseless words that disturb the assembly. Physical cleanliness contributes to moral purity. So, take a bath after ceremonial impurity (post-coital state) If you are traveling, or are ill, or coming from the privy, and cannot find water, take a little clean sand or earth and lightly rub your faces and hands, before entering the Masjid. (This will help you prepare psychologically for the assembly 5:6). God pardons and absolves your imperfections.

Please also see:

5:6 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! When you congregate for Salaat, wash your faces and your forearms, hands to the elbows. Lightly rub your heads and your feet to the ankles. If you are in the post-coital state with your spouses, bathe your whole body. But, if you are ill or traveling, or coming from the privy, or are in the post-coital state and find no water, then observe dry ablution by touching clean dry soil (or a clean, soft substance) and lightly rub your faces and hands. God does not wish to place any difficulty upon you, but to make you (psychologically) clean and to perfect His blessings upon you, that you may be grateful. [4:43. Wudhu = Ablution will help prepare mentally for congregational prayer. Tayammum = Dry ablution]

Salaam and thank you.

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