Wahi and 33:62 ?

by Zuhaib Sabri, India, Tuesday, September 25, 2012, 11:09 (2455 days ago)

Dear All,

Salamun Alaikum

I recently had a discussion with someone on FB, who I suppose has an Atheistic approach/understanding about Life.

She said,

"please explain. We have this belief in god because a physical form, Muhammed, said so, and his authority and credibility are assured by this god deity that supposedly tells us through Muhammed that Muhammed is his messenger. Great logic, honey."

She also posted a link : http://mukto-mona.net/Articles/kasem/quran_origin.htm

Regarding the Article (link), I do not take it for much of credit as the claims therein are based on the extra-Quranic sources and I find them HIGHLY PROBLEMATIC. So that is not what I really want to discuss here.

How can we really Prove that Quran is the WORD OF GOD ?

I find a lot of scientific facts in the Quran which we have only recently found out about through Modern Science. And I have read some books like 'Who Wrote the Quran' by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Sir and 'Quran and Modern Science : Conflict or Conciliation' by Dr. Zakir Naik Sir. No doubt I find the one by Dear Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Sir very interesting.

I find that mostly people prove the Quran to be the Word of God because of the Zero Probability of Muhammad(S) to have said all the Scientific things in Quran and none turned out to be problematic.

I am not sure that ONLY Scientific facts being mentioned are the sole criteria to Judge and conclude the Quran to be the word of GOd, but the MAIN THING that I am thinking is ..

In 33:62, Allah says that we will not find any change in the Laws of Allah.

But what about revelations to Messengers ??

Is it not the God's intervention with the human Laws of acquiring guidance by using God's given Conceptual and Perceptual faculties by way of Observation and Experimentation and Innovation ??

If Yes, then how do I understand 33:62 ?

If No, then how did God 'choose' men for His special guidance without intervening with the Laws ?

Ah ! what is meant by 'wahi' really ?

Please clarify.

Thank you


P.S. I am studying two books to find these answers. 'Jahan-e-fardan' and 'Insaan ne kya socha' both by Respected G. A. Parwez Sir.
If you think that some other source can be of help, in addition to the above books, please suggest.

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