Helpers of God

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He needs them (61:14), or do not need (29:6)?

God is independent and relies on nothing/nobody for His ‘existence’:-

29:5 One who looks forward to meeting with God, should have
conviction that the end is bound to come – and He is the Hearer, the Knower.
29:6 So, whoever strives (with wealth and person), STRIVES FOR THE GOOD
OF HIS OWN "SELF‟. God is altogether Independent of His creation.
29:7 As for those who come to believe and help others, We shall blot out their previous misdeeds, and We shall certainly reward them generously for what they do.

Also confirmed by:-
112:1 Say, "He is God, the One! [He is Unique in His Essence and Attributes and He alone is the Sovereign Law-Giver in the Universe]
112:2 God is Absolutely Independent. [Samad = Absolute, Eternal, Unique, Absolutely Independent Sustainer, Absolutely Independent, Perfect, the Uncaused Cause of all that exists]
112:3 He begets not, nor is He begotten.
112:4 And there is absolutely none like Him."

With the following we have to read the context:-

61:10 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Shall I tell you of a trade that will save you from a painful doom (in both lives)?
61:11 That you put your faith in God and His Messenger and strive in the cause of God with your wealth and person. This is for your own good, if you but knew. [9:111]
61:12 He will guard you from trailing behind in humanity, and admit you into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and into beautiful mansions in the Gardens of Eden, (Gardens of Eternal bliss). That is the Supreme Triumph.
61:13 And yet another thing that you so dearly love! Help from God and imminent victory (soon in this very life). So give good news to the believers (O Prophet).
61:14 O You who have chosen to be blessed with belief! Be God‟s helpers. As an example - Jesus son of Mary said to the disciples, “Who are my helpers for God?” They said, “We are God‟s helpers.” Thus a group from the Children of Israel accepted him, and another group rejected him. Then We strengthened those who believed, against their foe, and they became triumphant.

The “This is for your own good,” shows that it is us that will benefit by following the right path, not God. When God says be “His helpers”, He does not mean He needs help, as is evidenced by the next few sentences, but we should help each other to establish the right social system, which, previously also, wherever such systems were established, they all came into existence through human effort, not by God establishing them Himself.

Ansara from the root Nun-Saad-Ra = to assist/aid, succour, protect.

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