Helpers of God

by amirabbas, Iran, Tuesday, October 02, 2012, 16:02 (2422 days ago) @ Denis Sadykov


God with His infinite wisdom, already knows man's psychological needs, conflicts and struggles. He is absolutely independent and in no need for help. But as He knows about the human psyche, He is actually expressing His Will for the guidance and benefit of mankind. God knows that although the majority will lag behind, there are always some who will strive and benefit the humanity and try to set things right; and through His laws those few are enough. Those are helpers of God which means they are upholding the truth and justice revealed in the Qur'an.

8:65 O Prophet! Inspire the believers (to conquer all fear of death) in times of war. If there be twenty of you who are patient in adversity, they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be one hundred of you, they shall overcome one thousand of the opponents of the truth. This is because the rejecters of the truth are people who cannot understand (the Eternal rewards that motivate the believers).

8:66 For the time being, however, God has lightened your burden, for He knows that you are weak. And so, if there be one hundred of you who are steadfast in adversity, they should be able to overcome two hundred; and if there be one thousand of you, they should be able to overcome two thousand by God’s leave. God is with those who are
steadfast in adversity.

Those who live by submitting themselves to the Divine System of Life are helping themselves and God is pleased with them. On the contrary, those who reject the permanent values and forsake the domain of the truth and live in darkness are hurting themselves and consequently God is in no need of them; they are in need of light and guidance.

The best help for God is accepting His revelations and guidance and listening to His warnings. Yet, this doesn't mean God needs our help since if we don't do the right thing surely there is someone else who will.

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