by sacha, Monday, October 22, 2012, 19:21 (2408 days ago)

Asallamou Alaikuom. Does anyone have amy of the answers to any of these questions?
Jzk would be a great help :)

1. What was the first prayer to be made obligatory?
2. How many rakah were the first obligatory prayers?
3.which foot position (whilst sitting) is the only one recognised by the hanafi school of thought?
4. How many time did phrophet Mohammad (saw) pray taraweeh in congregation?
5. Under which circumstances (congregational or otherwise) might you end up praying a tashahhud in every rakah?
What was phrophet Mohammads (saw) criteria for dua qunoot to become necessary?
6. What constitutes tahiyyat ul Masjid in majid al haram?
Many thanks, Sacha

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