Continuation of Messengers( Rusuls)

by Damon, Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 13:01 (2401 days ago) @ Quasim Hamdani

Dear Brother Quasim and other Salaat Forum Members, Salaamun 'Alaiykum.

Dear Brother Quasim, do you believe that our present understanding of 33:40 should be re-evaluated?

As far as my limited knowledge takes me, the Arabic word "Khatam" doesn't mean last or final and neither is the notion of "finality" the dominant or primary definition of the root word Kh-Ta-Ma which the word Khatam comes from.

The Arabic word for final is "Akhir" and the word for Last (in the sense of something or someone being last in a chain of sorts) is the same word but with the definite article "AL". So it is "AL-Akhir". Finality, end of something, the last or ultimate conclusion are the dominant and primary definitions of the root word Alif-Kha-Ra. I am only going by the Arabic Language and not issuing any interpretations at all.

In my mind, if Allah meant to say a certain person is the Last or Final Nabiyy then the term "Al-Akhir An-Nabiyyeen" is a definite and unquestionable term. It is unambiguous and not up for much debate as far as the meaning is concerned. But the term "khatam An-Nabiyyeen" does have some ambiguity attached to it and can be up for discussion concerning the actual understanding and interpretation of this term. Something tells me that Allah chooses His words wisely and very, very accurately in order to prevent any idea of ambiguity and/or misunderstanding of The Message.

Also, the Arabic word "Muhammad" isn't a proper noun or name like it has been arbitrarily taught to us. The actual word itself is really a Passive Participle according to Arabic Grammar and there is absolutely no record in existence of anyone having been named Muhammad BEFORE the advent of The Quran. It is only AFTER the advent of The Quran (and a couple of decades to boot) that people in The Arab Lands started to name their male offspring with the word Muhammad.

Again, this going strictly by The Arabic Grammar and nothing more.

Allah Hafiz,

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