Continuation of Messengers( Rusuls)

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Looking at the uses of the word KHATAM in the Quran it means to seal something, usually the minds [referred to as hearts and hearing]. What is new and good for you makes no difference to those people who are blind, have irrational beliefs and practices and do not want to listen to the truth, let alone follow it.

In the Quranic sense, the term “seal” means stop, shut, close, and not a hallmark or stamp. In the hallmark understanding it would be possible for someone to be ‘commissioned’ by Allah, or ‘inspired’, if you like and say or bring forth something that can then be tested against the Quran, the ‘touchstone’, as being truthful and from Allah,. However, what is the point? If we have the Quran for all time, then the obvious understanding of khatam is as a seal, a closure on the receiving of revelation or ‘inspiration’ from Allah or ‘nature’, hence no more Nabi’s and Rasul’s, no more Messengers; the period of Messengership was over once the final and preserved Word of Allah was given to us.

If you want to take the meaning of inspiration in the sense of Einstein dreaming about travelling at the speed of light and then coming up with E=MC2, then this is missing a very big point. We can ponder over the universe and discover its mysteries, but Revelation is something that is extrinsic, from outside our ability to discover, hence we should not mix the two and see revelation as being attained by simple human inspiration.

Kh-Ta-Miim = To seal/stamp/imprint/impress, to secure/protect oneself against a thing, produce an impression or effect upon a thing, reach the end of a thing, cover over a thing, turn away/avoid/shun someone or something, to not understand, prevent the heart from believing, feign heedlessness.

2:7 God (His Law of Cause and Effect) has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and on their sight there is a veil. And theirs will be a tremendous suffering.
[Khatm or Taba‟ from God, seal on the hearts, is a natural consequence of one‟s deeds. Blind following, adamancy, being unjust due to selfish interests and arrogance render the human perception and reasoning unreceptive to Divine revelation. Thus, one loses sensitivity and the ability to perceive reality. It is easy to see how damaging this fall from the high stature of humanity can be, a tremendous suffering that is built-in as the logical consequence of such attitude. 4:88, 17:46, 18:57, 40:35, 45:23, 83:14]

6:46 (The exploiters of the masses think that they are smarter, and therefore, they deserve to take advantage of people 28:76-82.) Say, “Will you think? If God took away your hearing and your sight and sealed up your hearts, which god other than God could restore them to you? Note how We explain the verses by various facets, and note how they still turn away.

33:40 Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is God‟s Messenger and the Closing Seal of all Prophets. God is Knower of all things.

36:65 This Day We seal their mouths, but their hands speak to Us, and their feet bear witness to what they earned. [17:13, 75:14]

42:24 What! Do they say, “He has invented a falsehood about God”? But if God willed, He could seal up your heart (O Prophet). And God blots out falsehood and affirms the truth by His Words (laws). He is the Knower of all that is in the hearts. [10:16]

45:23 Have you ever noted him who makes his desires his god? Consequently, God lets him go astray despite his knowledge, seals up his hearing and his heart, and places a veil on his sight. Then who will lead him after he has left God? Will you not then remember (this admonition)? [17:36, 32:9, 46:26]

83:25 They will be given a refreshing drink of pure nectar, sealed.
83:26 The seal of it is musk. For all this, then, let every aspirant aspire. [57:20, 102:1]

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