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1- Every person is accountable for his/her own actions and are judged, on the Day of Judgment, according to their abilities and conditions.

Hell is a metaphor for the consequences of our wrong actions. God, in His infinite knowledge and wisdom, knows fully well who are/would be the real dwellers of hell.

A disabled person is not equal with an able person. So, a higher responsibility is rested upon the able person and will be asked more difficult questions.

Plus, by Islamic practices, what do you mean? If you mean namaaz and recitation of the Qur'an and other rituals, then, you first need to come to an understanding of what Islam is and What Islam is not. Please, study QXP (The Qur'an as it explains itself) more.

2- Death is like a prolonged state of sleep and unconsciousness. Then, on the Day of Judgment we are raised again to a higher state of consciousness and we fully realize what we have done and encounter with our actions. A madman is accountable according to his mental and physical conditions and abilities.

3- Because humanity is working/doing contrary to the Permanent Values ordained in the Qur'an. Because humans, unlike other creatures we know on the earth, are free to choose which way to go and what to do. Many of our actions lead to evil, destruction, despair, and loss. If we want to lead a good and prosperous life and be in a state of bliss we should be living in the light of God's Revelation, the Qur'an.

We need the Qur'an since only the Qur'an shows us the real way to success in both lives.

Dear Denis, we need to study hard in order to learn. You are young man endowed with a critical mind and that's a blessing. Take a look at these links:

You can find useful books and articles regarding many of the questions you might have on mind.

There are some philosophical questions that we can hardly find any answer to them unless we move on to a higher level of existence. So, remember, if we know everything so what about the joy of not knowing and the efforts we make to find the answers!

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