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Go back one verse to 22:77:-

22:77 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Bow down, prostrate, and serve your Lord. And do good to the society so that you may prosper. [Rukoo‟ (Bowing) and Sajdah (Prostration) are not confined to the ritual physical motions. They convey a more sublime message of being humble and submitting to God‟s commands]

Here we are told that being a believer is not about personal salvation but you must follow what God has told you to do from the Quran AND help make society a better place. Much of humanity is in a sorry state of affairs so it is/will not be an easy matter making them better. It is difficult to work against the corrupt politicians, the corrupt religious authorities and those who misuse wealth; this is the “strive hard”.

Making the changes requires simple measures that anyone with a little bit of common sense and humanity should and could be able to do; the values, principles, moral and ethical teachings of the Quran are the “no hardship in religion” For example:-

4:36 Obey God and associate no partner with Him!
- Treat kindly your parents, relatives,
- The orphans,
- And those who have been left alone in the society.
- Take care of the needy,
- The disabled,
- Those whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their needs,
- And those whose businesses have stalled,
- And those who have lost their jobs.
- You shall treat kindly your related neighbours,
- And unrelated neighbours,
- Companions by your side in public gatherings,
- Or public transportation.
- Be generous to the needy wayfarer,
- the homeless son of the street,
- and the one who reaches you in a destitute condition.
- Be nice to people who work under your care.
God does not love the proud and boastful.
4:37 Those who are stingy and advise others to be stingy, and hide what God has given them of His Bounty, for such ungrateful disbelievers We have prepared a humiliating punishment.

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